TYPO3 - My favorite Open Source Enterprise Content Manager System with the TYPO3 CMS can be to make any website for any needs


I know TYPO3 CMS (high level), FLUID (high level), FLUX (high level), VHS (high level), HTML (high level), CSS (middle level), JS (low level), PHP (low level), GIT (basic level), PHPStorm (basic level)

TYPO3 CMS Integrator

As TYPO3 Integrator I can install TYPO3 on the web server and I know how to configure the pre-installed TYPO3 using the installer. I am as TYPO3 Integrator develop the template for a website, configure all the necessary extensions and create the access rights for backend users.

Full integration your template (HTML, CSS, JS) into TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 CMS Developer

As TYPO3 CMS Developer I have experience collected through projects, I know the architecture, design patterns, best practices, and a fair share of internals both TYPO3 CMS and the extension framework.

As TYPO3 CMS Developer I can implement an extension completely in a state-of-the-art way. I write clean code by following the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines (CGL), and I well versed in a wide range of topics, from the initial setup of an extension up to the point of publishing it in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).
FLUID (high level), FLUX (high level), HTML&CSS (high level), PHP coding (part way - base level).

TYPO3 CMS Editor

Editing contents a website

As TYPO3 CMS Editor I can manages pages and content with the various page and content element types provided by integrators. As TYPO3 CMS Editor I can creates new pages, restructure the page tree and manages languages available in the setup.

TYPO3 projects support and maintenance service

I can configuration and upgradation your TYPO3 CMS, to support for the ongoing, existing and new projects, to expand and involving new adaptive and technical improvements.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Vasyl Mosiychuk, I from Ukraine. I live and work in Ivano-Frankivsk city, west Ukraine. I fell in love with TYPO3 CMS 15 years ago, when I built my first website with TYPO3, now I work as a freelance worker on position TYPO3 Integrator.

My TYPO3 Projects

  • www.swissinno.com
    www.swissinno.com SWISSINNO SOLUTIONS AG
  • www.galychyna.if.ua
    www.galychyna.if.ua Regional newspaper Galychyna
  • www.diptrace.com
    www.diptrace.com DipTrace - Schematic and PCB Design Software
  • www.florian-odendahl.de
    www.florian-odendahl.de Florian Odendahl
  • www.restaurant-rosenau.de
    www.restaurant-rosenau.de WebSite Restaurant Rosenau
  • www.goetteoptik.ch
    www.goetteoptik.ch Götte Optik AG
  • www.moser-holzindustrie.at
    www.moser-holzindustrie.at Moser Holzindustrie
  • www.library.ukma.edu.ua
    www.library.ukma.edu.ua Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library
  • abs.green
    abs.green Advanced Building Skins GmbH

My contacts

Website: http://www.vasyl.net
Email: info@vasyl.net
Mobile: +38 (050) 433 0 338 (WhatsApp)
Mobile: +38 (067) 433 00 66
Skype name: typo3.ua